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Groups, Workshops & Retreats

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Sometimes change happens through one-on-one interactions, and sometimes it happens through (or is enhanced by) the opportunity to connect with others. BlueMind develops and offers specific support groups, workshops, and retreats to meet the needs of groups of people.

Support Groups are on-going weekly or bi-weekly meetings that offer individuals the opportunity to connect with others who share their experience. It is facilitated by a trained consultant or counselor and is therapeutic in nature.

Workshops are stand-alone information sharing for groups of people that are short-term in nature (one-hour presentations to one-day events). Businesses or organizations utilize this service for things like professional development, team building, and staff retention. Individuals utilize this service to meet specific goals (for instance, attend a workshop on Networking to learn how to access the Hidden Job Market).

Retreats can also be used by individuals, businesses, or organizations as it gives the opportunity for personal or professional development in an intensive and therapeutic setting over the course of two days and one night, up to one week (or more!) in duration. These are developed by BlueMind in collaboration with trusted hospitality partners and other health and wellness partners, as needed.